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South Russian Shepherd Dog

The South Russian Sheepdog, also known as the Ukrainian Ovcharka or the South Russian Ovcharka, is a large, long-haired Russian sheepdog. Weighing about 110 to 115 pounds and growing to a height of about 23 to 25 inches, this dog has a fairly elongated head with a broad forehead, a big nose, and oval-shaped eyes. Its white teeth are big and fit closely. The belly is moderately tucked up while the back is straight and strong. Its loin is short, broad and rounded.

The front legs are straight and relatively long while the hind legs are powerful and set wide apart. The tail, which reaches the hock, falls at rest and curves upwards toward the end. Its coarse, thick, and water resistant coat measures about five to seven inches long. Although the coat is usually white, shades of grey, white and yellow, and white marked with grey can also be found.


It is unclear whether the South Russian Sheepdog is a Russian native or was developed from a variety of European herding dogs that were used to take large flocks of sheep from Spain to Russia. This dog was used to protect sheep from bears, wolves, and livestock thieves.

During the Civil War and the...

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